Who Am I?

I’m no one special. I’m just a tall guy who wants to best he can be in all aspects of life. I hope I can help others want the same for themselves as well using fitness as a start.

What I Love To Do

More than anything I love doing things to better myself. I love looking back on my day and being proud knowing that I’ve accomplished the goals that I set out to achieve, which is one of the reasons I’m so big on working out. I also enjoy traveling, languages, and cultures. Playing video games is something I like to do when I feel stressed, but nowadays I only do it in moderation due to having a lot to do.

How and When My Fitness Journey Began

Hi, my name is Cory and I am a brand-new blogger. About 16 years ago, I saw a character on one of my favorite video games to this day (Tekken) that was in great shape and I decided I wanted to have a body like that too. Just like that, I started working out and never looked back. Those days, all I knew was pushups, planks and sit ups. I would do them at home at times or in places where no one could see doing it. Regardless, having that foundation of consistency to build on was the most important thing, and it’s what’s kept me from falling off all these years. Fitness is a part of my life that’s impossible for me to neglect and it’s one of the few things I know anything about that’s worth sharing with the world.

Let’s Do It Together

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